Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Work In Progress Inspiration

I love combing flea markets and thrift stores for little bits of inspiration. I found this lovely vintage encyclopedia supplement last week, and just had to snap a picture.

Without even thinking about it, I cut a new skirt style with beautiful curves... and then started working on the sample this evening, using some nice fabric that I've had laying around for a while. I stepped back after assembling the yokes and piping - and ta-da!

So similar to my little book cover from last week... amazing. Isn't it amusing how your brain can absorb random things from the world around you, then spit them back out in unexpected ways?

Here's a quick shot of the front, lacking embroidery and piping. Also a shot of the VERY first sample for this style with custom piping and turquoise fabric - and I mean very, very first sample so ignore the fit issues!

This is a very cute style in my opinion. Basically a high-waisted pencil skirt, stretch twill to fit curves beautifully, with piped yokes and an oversize decorative button placket in front. Yep, adorable.


  1. That's really gorgeously lovely. I really want to practice my sewing. I haven't touched my poor sewing machine since pharmacy school started. Just one more year left and then I can brush off the dust... then I may be bugging you for advice lol.

  2. Thank you! Sewing is very relaxing and rewarding - and much easier than most people assume. Let me know if you need any pointers once you get going again ;)