Monday, March 1, 2010

New Machine

A dear friend was at a local thriftstore this week, and came across what she called "a weird looking machine". Called me up and emailed me a few pictures, and to my delight she'd stumbled upon a Stitch-Line blindstitch machine. I ran right over and snapped it up. Another piece of my production line puzzle has been added, I'm just thrilled! The table and motor were included, what a find.

The machine head is currently at Indianapolis Sewing Machine for a bit of rehab and some minor repairs. I want to make sure the timing and all bits & bobs are working properly.

Many thanks to my friend Amanda for spotting this beast in the wild. I can't believe someone would just hand over such a valuable machine to the mission store. However - perhaps they have a heart for the mission and knew this would give them a nice chunk of change. Definitely the most I've ever spent on something at a thrift store! At least I know it's going to a good cause.

Oh yes, and this is one was made in Japan, it's a 718-2. Every other machine I've looked at online was made in Taiwan and the price point is much lower (new) - which I don't see as good thing. All in all I'm very pleased that I got this particular machine.


  1. What luck! I so wish I could afford one of those things!!


  2. Oh man, they are so nice to have... we had a lab full of industrial machines in school, and I'm so happy that I've started collecting my own (finally!)

  3. Jess, next time you're in town let me know. I want you to check out my little sweatshop of vintage and antique industrials! Indianapolis Sewing Machine Co. has been really helpful in my quest for machines!