Friday, October 23, 2009

New Shop Baby (and an old one too!)

About two weeks ago, I welcomed a new machine into my life. While browsing our local Craigslist, I came across a great looking Juki straight stitch, exactly what I'd been looking for. The price was good, so my husband and I made a very quick 2 hour trip to the machine's location, handed over cash and hauled it back. The Juki is practically brand new, and I'm so happy to have it.

I'm also on the lookout for a Juki overlock, a Merrow machine, and perhaps a blind hemmer while I'm at it. I'm so pleased to be moving forward with my machine "collection" - I worked exclusively on industrial machines in school, and it has been very frustrating for me to work on domestic/home machines ever since. Now I have a permanent shop space to use for my equipment, as well as the funds necessary to aquire said equipment - we're movin' on up!

This is my other shop baby, Reggie - who likes to eat thread if we don't watch him closely. He's down to about two lives at this point, and he drives me to madness half the time. But he's a great companion and injects a lot of life into our little household.

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