Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Happy Holidays, Looking Forward to 2010

Happy Belated Holidays to everyone, mine were lovely and I hope yours were too!

I'm definitely looking forward to 2010, there is so much promise and so many opportunities. This is really the first year that I've viewed the new year as a clean slate - usually my dates all roll together into one continuous blob of time. I'm starting off my year right with a few new photoshoots, which include both styling and modeling.

My husband Ryan and I sat down the other night at his urging and went over our 2010 goals, something I've never done before. I was reluctant, but I'm very much a list-oriented person; this is a good thing for me. Most of my goals revolve around Rockin' B of course, and from my year-long list I am going to break down a monthly list of smaller goals that will contribute to my BIG goals. I feel so much better when I write things out and pop them up on the wall!

I have a few of my big goals sorted out already. These include but are not limited to: be consistently wholesaling to 5 stores, book at least 1 tradeshow, tweak the Rockin' B Clothing website to integrate my blog and be more streamlined, and of course: complete my bathroom renovation.

Ok, so the last one isn't a business goal, but it's a big one for me. Our house is a beautiful 20s bungalow, with great woodwork, gorgeous details, vintage charm... except for the bathroom. Firmly stuck in the country blue/Laura Ashley/carpeted floor 80s! Ugh! I'm returning it to its former 1920s glory, with white beadboard, black and white tile on the floor, subway tile around the shower, new fixtures - and no more floral wallpaper. I've made a bit of progress towards this goal - I bought the floor tile. So... I just need to keep moving forward!

I'm optimistic and cheerful. This year I won't have a wedding to worry about, I don't have a brand-new house to worry about (as much), and I have my best friend/husband as the newest member of my household - life is good. I count my blessings every day.

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